These 4 Foods Keep Your Kidneys Healthy


These are one of the unsung heroes of the body. They are essential to maintaining a healthy body. So why is it that we so often fail to give them the fuel they need to thrive? This article will explain why the kidneys are so important, and list the eight foods that are essential for making sure they keep running properly.

The kidneys are a pair of small organs in your lower back, roughly the size of your fist and shaped like beans (now you know how kidney beans got their name!). The kidneys’ job is to clean the blood. They act as a sort of biological garbage man for the circulatory system, removing impurities and excess water. This material is then sent to the bladder, where it becomes urine. From there, as you can probably figure it out, it ends up in the toilet when the bladder becomes full.

So what foods help keep my kidneys healthy?

Here are the Top 4 Foods: