10 Symptoms of Lung Cancer You Should Never Ignore!

3. Chest Pain


It is common for the lung cancer disease to cause chest pain which tends to worsen with deep breathing, laughing or coughing. The areas which surround the lungs may get inflamed due to lung cancer, and it may feel like the lungs are in pain. It is also possible for the lung cancer tumors to exert great pressure on the surrounding tissues which can result in chest pain.

The chest pain which worsens with coughing, deep breathing or laughing is usually an early sign of lung cancer, and it happens when the disease has spread to the lung’s lining. In the more advanced stages, it may spread to your bones and you might experience pain in your back, neck, arms, shoulder or in various other parts of your body. This kind of pain usually worsens at night when you are sleeping on your back. You should tell your doctor in case you happen to notice any sort of chest pain, whether it’s dull, sharp, or constant.